About Indictus Project

In·dic·tus : (Latin, adj., m)  unsung, unheard, untold, unnamed, unmentioned

          Indictus Project is an initiative that seeks to record, perform and promote the music of women, minorities, and other marginalized and neglected composers throughout history. There is a staggering amount of overlooked and unrecorded classical repertoire from under-represented groups, and we hope that by making this music more visible and accessible, Indictus Project might help combat the inequity that has long plagued our industry and our world.            

          Created by mezzo-soprano Thea Lobo and pianist Eunmi Ko in 2017, and incorporated in 2020, Indictus Project has received grants from University of South Florida, the St. Botolph Club, and the Anna Sosenko Assist Trust. Indictus Project is initially concentrating on art song, solo piano works, and chamber music, but will expand its scope over time. This is a large-scale and ongoing endeavor which will rely heavily on the financial support of visitors and users like you, so please consider making a tax deductible donation to help us give voice to this overlooked and under-represented classical music.

Advisory Board

Elissa Alvarez*

Dashon Burton*

Portia Dunkley 

Tsitsi Jaji  

Michele Kennedy*

Eunmi Ko*

Thea Lobo*

Sam Nelson

Ann Hobson Pilot

Regina Stroncek

Sylvia Berry

Charles Eddie Charlton

Shirley Hunt*

Shira Kammen

Emily Koh*

Henry Lebedinsky*

Tanya Maggi

Theodora Nestorova*

    Dylan Sauerwald 

Board of Directors

Joseph Summer, Chair

Gabrielle Feltner, Vice-Chair

Dashon Burton

Eunmi Ko

Thea Lobo

Sam Nelson

* Leadership Council Members

The artwork throughout this website is taken from Devises heroïques (1551) by Claude Paradin, and reproduced with permission from University of Glasgow Library, Archives & Special Collections. Learn more here.