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Laura Netzel: Selected Songs

Laura Netzel (Lago) (1839-1927)

sopranos Kira Gaillard, Adelaide Boedecker Griffin, Michele Kennedy

organists Ann Moe, Sam Nelson

pianist Jonathan Spivey

Laura Netzel, who published under the pseudonym Lago, or N. Lago, was born in Rantasalmi, Finland and raised in Sweden. She enjoyed a varied and respected career as a composer, producer, conductor, pianist, and social activist throughout her life. She studied composition with Heinze in Stockholm and Widor in France, and was fiercely proud of her Finnish heritage, as well as the medical work of her husband, professor Wilhelm Netzel. Her elegantly understated musical language is punctuated by chromatic French flourishes, and was favorably recognized by journals and critics, especially in France.


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