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Josephine Lang: Lieder and Songs without Words (1859-61)

Josephine Lang (1815-1880)

soprano Janet Ross

mezzo-soprano Thea Lobo

cellist Yeil Park

pianist Lindsay Garritson

pianist Eunmi Ko

Josephine Lang was something of a pianistic and compositional prodigy, though her success was hampered by recurrent health issues. A silver lining to this, however, was that while convalescing at Wildbad Kreuth, by design of Queen Caroline Augusta of Bavaria, she became acquainted with professor, lawyer and poet Christian Reinhold Köstlin, who would become her husband. The two enjoyed a happy marriage and family life until his death in 1856. At this point Josephine Lang renewed her musical motivations to support her five children, and despite some initial struggles, became widely published, with the help of Clara Schumann and Ferdinand Hiller. She composed and taught, despite poor health and psychological difficulties, until her death in 1880 by heart attack. She left behind a strong body of work rivaling any great Lieder composer of the era.


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